Let Us Make your Faucet Easy to Use and Responsive to Your Needs

AutoTap is the Most Convenient Command Responsive Faucet Controller You Can Find!

Why you Need an Autotap Faucet Controller?

Consider These Facts:

Germs are Invisible Hitchhikers Waiting for a Ride and Ironically Touch Faucets are a bridge to our hands. AutoTap prevents germs from reaching your hands.

Hand hygiene is probably the most important measure one can take to protect their patients, their staff or their family from deadly germs and bacteria like salmonella.

Scientific tests have proven that the faucet knobs and levers are the breeding grounds for germs and bacteria and are being used as a bridge to reach our hands.

By touching a faucet knob or lever, a person can receive or spread germs and deadly bacteria such as salmonella or flue viruses to other cohabitants and beyond. For this reason the use of hands free faucet controllers has always been a part of a responsible and caring medical establishment.

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The Convenience of AutoTap Hands Free Faucet Controller:

Why use busy hands to turn on and off a faucet when an idle foot or knee can do the same work with less effort and greater safety? AutoTap takes the advantage of idle legs to lessen the work of busy hands. With a touch of your knee on the cabinet door or by pressing your foot on the pedal, AutoTap hands free faucet instantly turns on and off your touch faucet as you need when you need. Also, there are numerous instances in which a person’s hands are not free to operate the faucet. With AutoTap foot pedal faucet this becomes a non-issue. There is no other more convenient or responsive way to turn on and off a faucet than with the AutoTap system.

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Saving Water and Energy for a Sustainable Feature

Each day in the process of washing hands, brushing teeth or rinsing dishes for the dishwasher, millions of gallons of heated water are being wasted as runoffs. Leaving the faucet on continuously while doing routine cleaning is the main cause of this needless water waste. AutoTap hands free faucet saves water and energy by preventing water runoff.

With AutoTap, you can turn on and off the faucet as you need when you need, thus preventing water waste. Once AutoTap door or foot pedal faucet is installed, any water waste would have to be intentional. As a water conservation product, AutoTap touchless faucet controller can help you stop water waste thus reduce your water and energy costs.

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Let us enhance the hygienic quality and convenience of your home or office by making your faucets hands free. Our foot pedal faucet and door activated faucet controller is reliable, convenient, sanitary and a necessity for the health of your patients or your family.