AutoTap Faucet controller Works with all Faucets

There is an existing faucet of choice and taste in every home or office. Why spend a substantial sum for an electronic touchless faucet that you may not find its look attractive or its function up to your expectation? Why not save money on parts and labor by keeping your existing faucet and making it work hands free? Without any change to your plumbing, AutoTap can convert your existing faucet into a convenient hands free faucet. AutoTap touchless door and foot pedal faucet controllers are functional, reliable and compatible with all types of conventional bathrooms and kitchen faucets made world wide.
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Wide Selections of Models for Everyone’s Needs

Regardless of your needs or application, AutoTap has a faucet controller to suit any taste or requirement. Whether for your home or office, AutoTap has a foot pedal or door actuated faucet controller for all your needs. At AutoTap we are committed to provide our customers with the most reliable faucet controller on the market. AutoTap is a US made product and engineered to be practical, long lasting, and reliable.
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Reliability and Commitment to Customer Service

Our goal is to provide to our customers the most reliable, long lasting and user friendly faucet control system on the market. Our product is so reliable that we warranty it for five years from date of purchase.
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Free Installation Hardware Included

To increase their profit margins, many manufactures would not include installation material and hardware with their product, forcing the consumers to spend time and money chasing after hard to find expensive parts to complete installation. We at AutoTap value the time and convenience of our customers and that is why unlike other brands, we include in our packaging all necessary hardware needed for normal installation.
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AutoTap Automatic Facet Controller Requires No Power or Battery

No Power, No Battery, No Problem. AutoTap touchless faucet and foot pedal faucet controller requires no power or battery to operate. This is why our system is more reliable and environmentally friendly. AutoTap automatic faucet controller uses the existing embedded energy in pressurized water to turn on and off the faucet.
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