What is AutoTap and How Does It Work?

AutoTap is a faucet controlling device that is installed between water lines and a touch faucet. Once it’s installed, AutoTap controls the flow of water by other means than using ones hands. With the faucet always on, AutoTap restricts water flow. As one naturally stands close to the cabinet, with a touch of the knee on the cabinet door or by pressing a pedal, AutoTap conveniently turns on and off the water as you need when you need. AutoTap door or foot pedal faucet controllers are functional, convenient to use and responsive to your needs.
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Water and Temperature Control

To set the water flow and temperature, press the cabinet door or the pedal to get water running, and then adjust your faucet temperature or the flow as you would normally do. AutoTap will maintain that setting until you change it again.
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Child Proofing AutoTap is Simple

If by chance, a toddler touches the cabinet door and discovers AutoTap, simply turn off your faucet and the water will stop.
mother-child-washing-hands-AutoTap- hands-free-faucet-controller-290 touching-faucet-water-running-AutoTap-faucet-valve-controller-300

AutoTap vs. Sensor-Type Faucets

Sensor-type faucets were designed for public washrooms. They are made to detect hands and open the water indiscriminately. This lack of control over water flow makes them totally useless for any other application where a certain sequence is needed to be followed. i.e. rinsing or washing dishes.

Realizing the uselessness of a sensor type faucet for office and homes use, some well known manufactures have modified their sensor to act as on and off switches that either requires touching the faucet or doing hand motions in front of the sensor to turn on an off the faucet. Of course these types of faucets can not be consider hands free nor are conveniently responsive to the users needs.
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