The Convenience of a Hands Free Faucet and Automatic Sink Faucet

Why strain your arm reaching for a far away faucet when an idle leg or foot can do the same job with greater comfort and hygienic safety? AutoTap takes the advantage of idle legs to lessen the work of busy hands. With the touch of a knee on a cabinet door or by pressing the pedal, AutoTap turns on and off the faucet as you need when you need. Also there are numerous instances in which a person’s hands are holding something and are not free to operate the faucet. With AutoTap this becomes a non-issue. These are just a few examples of the conveniences of AutoTap foot pedal faucet control system.
doctor-surgeon-closing-faucet-autotap-faucet-controler-valve-170 washing-vegetables-AutoTap-touchless-hands-free-faucet-controler-110c

Maximizing Hygiene for Yourself, your Staff or the Entire Family

Frequent and safe hand washing is probably the most important measure one can take to protect their family from deadly germs and bacteria like salmonella. The use of a Hands free faucet or a touch free faucet in medical or residential settings can significantly reduce the chance of cross contamination and the spread of germs and illnesses. With AutoTap foot pedal faucet, the user no longer needs to touch the faucet to get water running. As a result, he or she will not contaminate or receive contamination from the faucet. This is particularly true after handling poultry and meat, where hands potentially contaminated with bacteria like salmonella, needs to be washed.
hand-washing-doctor-washing-hands-autotap-touchless-faucet-controller-180b washing-chicken-using-autotap-automatic-faucet-valve-150

Saving Water For a Sustainable Future

Water is no longer the inexpensive commodity it use to be and our water bills are a testament to this fact. Despite this fact, each day in the process of washing hands, brushing teeth or washing or rinsing dishes for a dishwasher, millions of gallons of heated water are being wasted as runoff. Continuous and unrestricted flow of water though a faucet when is not being used, is the main reason behind this water waste. With AutoTap, you can conveniently turn on and off the faucet as you need when you need, preventing any wasting of water. AutoTap hand free kitchen faucet is the best tool one can add to a kitchen or bathroom faucet to eliminate water waste.
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Saving Energy, Saves Money

Each time we use hot water, simultaneously cold water enters the heater where it is automatically heated by a costly source of energy. The more we waste hot water the greater our energy bill will be. Since most washing is done with hot water, AutoTap automatic faucet can save you money by preventing heated water needlessly going down the drain.

gas-meter-cubic-feet-meter-utility-meter-430 water-heater-burner-water-heater-flame-420

AutoTap Keeps your Touch Faucet and Counter-Top Clean and Dry

Turning on and off a faucet with wet or soapy hands is a common practice that always leaves us with an unpleasant scene: A messy faucet and wet counter top full of sediment buildups. AutoTap foot pedal faucet and hand free kitchen faucet eliminates the need to operate the faucet using hands; therefore the result will always be a cleaner faucet and countertop.

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